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If you don’t know how much I like teaching and speaking, then you have even less of an idea how much I love to learn. Just finished a three part 2-hour per video workshop about marketing, advertising and selling. And it got me thinking. Of all the things we do does anyone else feel stressed when it comes to doing more? Even if more meant a bigger pay-cheque, title or certificate. I absolutely love seeing, hearing or reading a great message. Many speakers and programs are so intelligent they are profound. Sometimes while reading or listening my skin gets warm and a little itchy. I routinely tell myself this a physical reaction of excitement. As a son, brother, husband, father and entrepreneur listening to myself the reaction maybe the realization I do not have enough time to implement the learning I have ingested. Physically and intellectually I can. However; Is the reaction because unconsciously I know I may not act on the learning no matter how profound. And that’s wrong. Information without action is merely entertaining. So let me ask you (this may become a theme) in our 24/7 Nano-culture, to thrive, what would you like to know more about: your version of a better life? Would you like to know how to make you more money? What is your dream job? Would you like to know how to manage yourself, minimizing distractions? When drafting your answer be sure to include= why?

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