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Setting a Good Foundation

Driving along an advertisement on the radio inspired this week’s topic. The advertisement referred to ‘foundations.’ A foundation is just what comes to mind… a building’s foundation or basement constructed of 4-corners and a joist perfectly spaced to distribute load. Adult education builds programs much the same way. And yet so many of us overlook or don’t establish a sound, solid foundation. I am specifically referring to professional development. When starting a job or accepting a new task the inherent action is to be as good as possible in the shortest amount of time. What part of a building takes the most amount time and preparation? The foundation. At least it appears that way. Getting above ground level seems to take forever and once the walls go up completion seems to happen quickly, right? Building a foundation is a metaphor of the greatest leaders of work-place education programs. Influential literary greats: Think and Grow Rich, Boom Bust & Echo, 7-habits of Highly Effective People, How Win Friends & Influence People talk about or teach a series of steps that form a foundation. Napoleon Hill, 13-Steps To Riches, Steven Covey, 7-habits of Highly Effective People, David Foot, 9-Generations, and Dale Carnegie, The 6-ways To Make People Like You. And I teach the 8-step sales process. If you are a master of your trade, consider reviewing the foundation-steps of your career. What was taught in a logical sequence that formed a conditioned response. Steps you learned that you don’t even have to think about to be successful. That is the purpose of a solid education… a great foundation. If you have not attended a formal process of steps to perform in logical sequence, think about registering for one. And Bill Harvey says, “you can too, I’ll show you how.” Fast Proven Results.

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