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We Transform Automotive Salespeople & Dealership Sales Teams Into SuperStars

Our mission is to help inexperienced or experienced salespersons and teams transform into top achievers!

We're passionate, ambitious trainers so excited to help you achieve maximum potential it's contagious.

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Meet Bill Harvey, President & Founder

Bill started his career on the showroom floor. Working through the ranks of management eventually achieved his goal becoming a Chrysler dealer principal. During his tenure, developing his staff, the need for professional development became Bill’s interest and passion.


Bill exited the retail environment and officially started his educator career with Mercedes-Benz as National Sales Training Manager. But the entrepreneurial spirit lured Bill into private practice and he founded Dynamix International. Since those humble beginnings Bill has earned General Motors (various brands), Hyundai, Honda/ Acura, Chrysler, Bombardier and Ford as corporate clients.


Bill and the team at Dynamix(now Auto Dealership Academy) recognize the need for continuous improvement in sales & management. If you want a nimble, flexible firm to design and facilitate programs that produce fast effective results Dynamix in the choice. As lead instructor & facilitator Bill's enthusiastic approach to achievement radiates through his charismatic delivery.  As adjunct professor at The Canadian Automotive Business School of Canada, Georgian College- Barrie, ON Canada teaching: Concepts of The Automotive Industry, Fixed Operation Management and Sales & Marketing- Bill has formal teaching experience.

Bill is a loving son, brother, husband, father and community volunteer with a zest for life: alpine & water skiing, surfing, sailing, camping and cycling. With a keen interest in motorcycles, muscle cars and boats. If it goes fast and burn’s gas, he likes it! Bill is a community board member and active volunteer with public service clubs. He’s known throughout his interactions as the guy with a toothy-white smile.

Bill & Dynamix audience ranges from individual coaching to auditoriums of hundreds. Being thrilled to address and lead a group of any size. Bill is widely recognized in the automotive retail-industry but not limited to such. Bill and the team at Dynamix Int’l have been contracted to develop and facilitated programs for the health care and telecommunication industries. So, if you are an executive, president, director, owner or entrepreneur looking for fast proven results … Bill & the team can help. If you manage people, departments, divisions or are an individual looking for fast proven results… Bill & the coaches can help.

Book Your 15-Minute Discovery Call With Bill Harvey and Learn How To Earn $100K This Year Amidst The Inventory Shortage...



Bill accepted as Dealer-Principal, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Franchise 


Bill offered Sales Training Manager, Mercedes-Benz


Bill Harvey founded Dynamix International


Bill Co-stars in 8-series video selling program for Hyundai


Ride & Drive developer/ contractor, General Motors


On-line professor at The Automotive Business School of Canada, Georgian College

Honda/ Acura Certified Pre-Owned Managers Program


Vice President, The Corporate Performance Centre


On-line facilitator, Fiat-Chrysler


Adjunct Professor at The Automotive Business School, Georgian College



Market Area Training Manager, Ford


On-demand, content rich, self study platform development


Official launch of on-demand, content rich, teaching, training and support system

Book Your 15-Minute Discovery Call With Bill Harvey and Learn How To Earn $100K This Year Amidst The Inventory Shortage...

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