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Happy New Year

happy new year!!! Yes, no capital letters, is correct. And that is because it is not actually the new-year. Do you experience the same thing? When summer ends and school resumes everyone gets busy working? For years I have said there are two new-years. The actual one and September. Maybe it is because we fall off schedules, get lax with our diet and move slower because of the heat. Maybe it is because as much as we look forward to summer holidays, relaxing not following a schedule, in fact it creates uncertainty feeling out of control. Waking up for work and\or school is a schedule that is familiar and predictable. The certainty of a schedule provides a purpose in life which generates significance. How many of us vow to exercise, diet and organize in the new year? If you did but haven’t, now is the second-best time to do so. Evaluate your new-years resolution and make sure you’re on track. This is a mini stress-test. If you find yourself a little off track, uncertain of this year’s outcome you may find your stress level building. To minimize these affects, review your New-Years resolution(s) and get certain of your outcome. The wonderful thing about this test is there is a lot of time between now and the end of the year.

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