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B.A.N.K. cards not book

My son Cole was telling me about B.A.N.K. A concept taught at the Automotive Business School of Canada in sales and marketing. B.A.N.K. is a buyer profile system to predict behaviour. The teacher, a seasoned sales person herself, said “I ask customers to arrange in order of importance the B.A.N.K. cards.” This activity with the customer identifies predominant buyer-behaviour. I agree with the concept but what if, for any reason, you didn’t have the cards? This is why I believe subconscious trance is the building block of any communication. I believe you leverage subconscious trance by opening a conversation, actively listening for cadence of speech. This will determine if they are fast or slow speaking. If the customer is a fast-talker= two-cards are most relevant. And vice versa. I teach how-to ask excellent open-end questions. This is how you effectively improve your influence. Here’s what’ll happen: the customer thinks to themselves ‘I don’t know why I like and trust this person I just have a good feeling.’ Have you experienced this? That’s the power of communication. B.A.N.K. like D.i.S.C. and other behaviour assessments are great but in the absence of subconscious trance likability and consequently trust never formalize. The good lord gave you two ears and one mouth. Do twice as much listening as talking. That’s how I help individuals achieve maximum potential. Schedule a strategy session with and learn how. Check out the video by clicking here:

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