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Compound Prospecting

Do you know/ understand the power of compounding? Our government does. If you are in arrears on your taxes please do your very best to get caught up because as you will see in the following example compounding is rewarding or expensive. Let’s say we met on the first tee of a golf course. And while preparing to tee-off I suggest a wager. Let’s play $1/ hole double or nothing, you in? I know what you are thinking, sure what-the-heck, worse case scenario loose every hole= $18, right? Did you miss the double or nothing? Let’s start playing. Green; first= $1, second= $2, third= $4, forth= $8, fifth=$16, sixth=$32, seventh=$64, eight=$128, ninth=$256. That’s the front nine, getting nervous? Tenth=$512, eleventh=$1,024, twelfth=$2,048, thirteen=$4,096, fourteen=$8,192, fifteen=$16,384, sixteenth=$32,768, seventeenth=$65,536, eighteenth=$131,072. That is if we stop playing on the eighteenth hole. I suppose a gambler would continue playing hoping to win one hole and clearing the debt. The inherent problem with hoping means the individual hoping does not actually believe a change will happen. Back to the illustration. Do you understand the power of compounding now. Did you ever consider a simple $1 bet/hole could add up to over $100K? This is only an example and assumes I won every hole every time, but true nonetheless. What can you do that will compound your sales? Consider this, everyone you sell have a friend and a family member that will buy in the next year or later. If you developed a contact system to follow-up with your client’s and a process to ask for referrals and a system to follow-on with referrals, would you be able to compound your sales? From the very first sale? And Bill Harvey says “simple effective strategies that work!” Fast Proven Results

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