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Goal without a Plan is only a Dream

Two more weeks of March and we’ll be at the end of the first quarter. Wow, is time flying. This blog is a shameless advertisement for us. We just released two favourite courses that are always in demand: $ix Figure $ales Professional and Negotiate & Closing Seminar. I’m sharing this with you to obviously enroll or tell a friend. And because how long it took to get done! Do you have a project on your plate that’s not complete. Have you said this must get done, even have a virtual coach= watching an inspirational speaker say: ‘you can do it!’ Well I did. And I’m amazed how long, how hard and how complex it was but oh so rewarding. We are intimately familiar with the content of these workshops. I really thought it might take a couple of days not months. Which reminds me of our Time Management and Personal Productivity program. In that workshop We share with you how to prioritize and more importantly schedule your activities in the day, week, month and quarters. If the first quarter is fuzzy in terms of meeting your objectives let alone achieving your goals… time to buckle down, set clear, measurable, attainable goals with a specific time line to achievement. Then plan your activities and maintain daily work productivity as well as family leisure time for spring, summer and fall. A goal without a plan is nothing more than a dream.

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