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Golden Egg

The Golden Egg story. Are you familiar with this fable? You have certainly heard the metaphor or attempted to understand the connection but I never really knew the details. The fable goes something like this; “one day the farmer found a golden egg under his hen… he became rich… not being patient waiting for the hen to lay another egg, the farmer killed the hen. By doing so he thought he simply extract more golden eggs.” I’m paraphrasing, the story is not mine but the message is clear. Is there something you do that requires patience and by not exercising patience could destroy a relationship or opportunity in the hope of getting something. The fascinating thing is if we do not follow our process’ we generally end up with; nothing, something-close or almost-perfect. Whatever you sell product or services be patient. Your golden egg may be completing the sale. If you do not get what you want be cautious forcing. There are many reasons buyers don’t buy. We feel the outstanding ones are: A) they don’t want your offer and/ or B) they don’t like your offer. Does not mean you cannot sell your offerings but it does mean you have to be patient and find out what buyers actually want… not how you want them to act. Meeting a want or solving a need are two easiest sales in the world. Be patient, discover the need or want and allow the customer will say ‘yes.’

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