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Great Ideas

Do you have things to do, projects to start, plans for summer holidays? Any idea where many of those great ideas formulate. I noticed, years ago, my best ideas were hatched under the warm cascading water of dimly lit shower. Weird? Many great visionaries: Anthony Robbins, Jeffery Gitomre and Alice Flaherty(most notably) cite their best ideas were discovered in the shower. Why? Dopamine, a chemical in your brain that is enhanced when in a heightened state of relaxation. Taking a hot shower and exercising can have the same effect. I often catch myself flying downhill on my bicycle, and a great idea distracts me momentarily when I realize narrowly miss crashing. Which leads me to another wonderful place we get creative and uncover great ideas… driving an automobile. Research has discovered creativity flows easily when the brain is a little distracted. Have you ever felt so enraged by an event, planning what you are going to do/say and upon arriving at your destination the problem seems less important and your reaction is not nearly as intense? Might I suggest two activities you can take away and practice instantly. In fact, I’d love to hear about your results. Activity #1: when a great idea pops into your head= write it down! In the shower, Aquanotes, waterproof pads with a pencil, will allow you to jot down those important ideas(outside the shower keep a journal and write all your ideas down--- good and bad). Activity #2: next time you feel overwhelmed, consumed by a problem and feeling desperate, get in your automobile and drive, go to the gym---exercise hard, or simply head to the beach take your shoes and socks off and walk (regardless of what else you are wearing.) Be sure to have your notepad, journal or phone with you to make notes. I look forward to hearing your results.

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