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Greatest compliment

I received the greatest compliment any speaker, trainer, author or facilitator could hear, “I could do what you do” said the individual. This is the greatest compliment because clearly I made the job of delivery information and facilitating a workshop so easy that person thinks they could do it. It also means, and I hope that person knows this too, I know my information so well, have tested it so thoroughly and rehearsed it so frequently that the information is simple to learn. It also means my presentation was simple to follow. And it means the participant enjoyed the time they set aside to learn a new skill. So if you are not following someone that makes it look so easy to do, then find a new mentor. If you attend a seminar that is mediocre, unpolished, boring or out-of-date, leave. Here in lies the problem with free or cheap; you get what you pay for. Find an expert and pay them for their best most comprehensive stuff. You will not be disappointed and might think you could do what they do😊. If you are looking for training in sales or coaching, please feel free to contact me.

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