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Know Your Why

Every purchase decision involves 5-unconscious steps: thinking, talking, research, experience and requesting a sales professional's assistance. Are you helping people “buy” your product or are you “selling” them your product? Semantics right? There has been a lot published on “knowing your why” but do you know why you do what you do? Have you asked yourself “why am I working?” Is it for the money? Is it for a career? Who am I doing this for?

A story told by John Maxwell of a man who came across three bricklayers busy at work. The man asked the first bricklayer what he was doing. “I’m laying bricks,” the worker replied. He then asked the second bricklayer the same question. “I’m putting up a wall,” he said. The passerby then asked the question one more time, this time to the third bricklayer. The response: “I’m building a cathedral.” The three workers were doing the exact same task but for very different reasons. The first was possibly for the paycheck, the second was possibly motivated by the completion of the wall but the third bricklayer was driven by completion of the religious structure, a cathedral.

When you discover your 'why,' work won’t be such a tedious and difficult task. When arriving at work ask yourself “why you think you can help someone?” Selling anything to anyone is a purposeful them make a decision. The fact that someone has walked in and requested your guidance, direction, and opinion, shows that 'selling on purpose' is the greatest compliment any of us could receive.”

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