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What motivates you? Likely answers are: money, family, vacation, retirement etc. There have been valid attempts to categorize motivation. Scientifically describe what we do when and how. I believe the reality of motivation is very simple. We do what we do in life for one of two reasons: enervation or desperation. Enervation is the feeling of have-to. The excitement one experiences when either starting a new task, hobby skill or job, that being what we want to do. You probably know someone who is positive, enthusiastic and very pleasant…always. Normal? I think so. They have discovered a secret. Doing work enthusiastically even during times of struggle is much more rewarding. Desperation on the other hand is that feeling of have-to. You probably know an equal or greater number of people who say: “I have-to”... For all of us life is a balance of get-to and have-to. You have-to go to work to provide for your family to enjoy a wonderful summer vacation(get-to.) I challenge you to look at your tasks: daily, weekly, monthly or annually, what is it that you do that you could start off saying: “I get-to”... When or if motivation is lacking, pause and approach the task with get-to philosophy. I get-to work at this job, I get-to serve these people, I get-to call clients. You may find yourself less reliant on mood-modifiers. Try doing this for 30-days. You maybe quite surprised even amazed how your day flows, problems diminish, and people treat you with gratitude… even in the face of adversity. In closing allow me to share with a comment passing through security at the airport. It was the ungodly hour of first thing in the morning. The security agent was inspecting my luggage(I was the only person in line… training I suppose.) I was very pleasant, polite and friendly as usual, maybe even humorous. At the end of the process she said: “are you always this pleasant and positive?” To which I replied with: “yes.’ And she asked; “why?” I said: “no one cares when I am having a bad day, I simply make the best of each and every day.” She smiled, helped me collect my things and wished me a safe flight.

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