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Negotiate and Close

This time of the year the greatest interest with respect to a course is Closing and Negotiating. Managers, owner and sales people all want to know how to close more deals. While the approaches are infinite let’s focus on what these two things are not: a silver bullet nor a slick salesy lines. The act of closing is finalizing the deal. The art of negotiating is more likely a skill everyone can benefit from. Until someone says ‘no’ we are not negotiating. Negotiation is a process we use to get what we want when someone has or controls that which we want. And of course there is the win/ win concept. So if we understand the seller and the buyer both want the same thing agreement. When we approach closing and negotiation with a customer focused perspective, by selling our self and the value the product offers all parties agree. To learn more about our customer friendly and highly successful closing and negotiation program visit the website. There is a free course to get an idea of our learning philosophy.

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