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No Judgement

If you and I were to meet on the street and I asked; “are you successful?” What would your answer be? Do you consider yourself successful? Personally, professionally, a family member, colleague or neighbour. My wife and I are enjoy watching a TV show about people who live in the Arctic Circle. There are four groups with only one group that is a family with children. Of all the dialog about how they live the only one person blatantly justifies their way-of-life in my opinion. And that is the husband of the family. Frequently in an episode he will espouse; “this is how we live and don’t judge…” I didn’t and don’t think you would either. And the reason he tells us not to judge is because he may not actually be living there by choice. Often we make choices based on other’s judgment. Certainly, avoiding doing anything illegal is prudent because society will judge you. Everyday our choices are frequently based on other’s perception. Make sure when you decide to act it is consistent with your behaviour and you are willing to accept responsibility and consequence. Politicians are great at saying what they think we want to hear. Make decisions based on service… the decision serves others as well and helping you. And Bill Harvey says, “you can too, I’ll show you how.” Fast Proven Results.

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