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How are yours? Whether presenting to one, your team or an auditorium of guests are you: captivating, entertaining and really worth listening to? You audience regardless of size will shut their mental window on you in less than ten-seconds. Going back to the old-adage you don’t get a second chance at a great first impression. Before you address anyone be sure to select words, enunciate syllables and pause for dramatic effect with perfect timing. In plain language I’m talking about preparation. I cannot tell you how many really bad presentations, meetings and speeches I’ve attended. And I am sure not all my presentations were amazing… thank goodness for our mobile devices because it would be impolite to leave, right?:-) The next time you

have to do a presentation stop and consider the very people you are addressing, have been approached, by many others. Be memorable. Being prepared with compelling content and lively animated gestures will do just that. If you would like to know more contact us about our professional presentations program and speaker coaching.

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