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Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing, nothing new and certainly easy to learn but do you feel the same way…there is a lot of material published on make friend to make a sale. I am not suggesting for a moment this is a necessary skill. We have several programs that dive deep into detail on this topic. The reason there maybe so much interest and so much written is that it maybe more difficult that what one may think. Our actions, what we say, how we act and our presentations maybe receive by buyers as a covert signal. An incongruent facial expression, a casual comment misinterpreted or a distraction may signal to a buyer you are not the most important thing on their list. This realization came to me chatting to my son on the weekend. He started a conversation while we were watching TV. The problem was his conversation was unrelated to the TV show. I almost made the fatal mistake of telling to be quiet while we watch this show. Instead I muted the volume, leaving the show playing, turned to face him and really attempted understand what he wanted to talk about. Good thing because it was a significant ‘teenage-problem’ that I was being blessed with by asking for parental advice. Make a friend make a sale. The same stands true of friend and family. Turn to face them, really listen and only if or when requested volunteer advice.

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