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Say what?!!!!

Don't take my word for it, listen to your inner voice. That is don't be distracted by 'influencers' that make silly, distracting statements.

This morning I read an email that said "do you want to make more money and do you want the skill only 1% have?" I'm not being negative and I'm sure your inner voice said "yes" too. If you are in sales, like this influencer, don't exaggerate: more money & 1%, it's annoying. Reading Brendon Kane's "One Million Followers in Thirty Days" the message is authenticity. Kane tells how super-stars sell them-self authentically. No different selling cars, tell it like it is, laced with affinity for your product. There are three types of buyer personas: like, sort-of-like and unsure. The sort-of-like and unsure obviously needing validation. This maybe 2/3's of your customers base. So today don't exaggerate. That alone will position you better with sort-of-like and unsure. Look for my next post when I'll share how to sell all three personas.

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