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Time for a Tune-up

Is it reasonable to juxtapose man-kind and machinery? The sports I competed in, alpine skiing, sailing and cycling, elite athletes were referred to as ‘machines.’ Is that really sensible? Time management and personal productivity courses quote statistics of studies from institutions like Harvard University on effective-work. One must agree the institution publishing the material is well respected and likely accurate. Gauge: ‘worker performance’ declines by 25% after 60-hours of work. Utilizing the ‘gauge’ metaphor portrays machine-like operation. Here’s another gauge: ‘time.’ As a participant in a workshop the class calculated the amount of time we individually have left to live. Here is the calculation; your age now minus 85 years(assuming you live this long.) Multiply that number by 365-days and multiply that number by 24-hours. The resulting number is your time left on earth. Post this number somewhere that you will see it frequently. Is that scary for you? The effect aging has on our body and brain can be retarded with simple life choices. Certainly, technology such as laser eye surgery can restore vision instantly. Exercise and diet are the most inexpensive and rewarding things we can do to rebuild the ‘machine’. Here are my top 10-recommendations to improve your machine: drink plenty of water, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a popper. Eat more foods that grow on trees & plants less foods that are manufactured in plants, live with the three “E’s”: energy, enthusiasm and empathy, pray, play more games, read more than you did last year, sit in silence at least 10-minutes a day, sleep for 8-hours and walk for at least 20-minutes per day. While you walk smile and enjoy. And Bill Harvey says, “you can too, I’ll show you how.” With Fast Proven Results.

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