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Psychosis of Sales

Discover your behavioural style through the use of the Personal Profile System®. Through a scientific approach to mirroring you will improve relationships for greater productivity.

Understanding one’s communication style positively influencing buying decisions for customer focused results.

Master Negotiation

Improve your confidence negotiating. Negotiation is enjoyable for a select few. Learn strategies that win more negotiations quickly and easily. Today’s consumer is demanding and fickle not to mention educated. Our tactics inspire confidence through process that is customer friendly and equitable for all.

Six Figure Sales Person

The most comprehensive program for the new-in-the role salesperson. Never has there been such a complete collection of strategy, tactics and talk-tracks packaged so easy to learn. Our customer focused approach to sales avoids “old school” mistakes and promotes greater professionalism.

Signature Programs

Your Gateway to Success

Team Building  and Coaching

For managers and leaders interested in increasing employee performance through process. Managers learn how to demonstrate respect, leveraging transparency and empowerment.  As a coach to mentor employee development you'll learn the constructive attitudes for cooperation.

Time Management

The course will help you organize your day, month and life. You'll learn to manage time wasters and most importantly manage distractions. Efficiencies= do more in less time.  Manage your commitments, control agendas and enjoy the outcome.

Results Driven Vehicle Presentation

The vehicle walk-around and delivery process have changed. Consumers do not need the traditional “data-dump” of the pre-internet shopping experience. The delivery is the most significant presentation of all. The delivery will solidify lucrative repeat and referral customers.

Adult Education Course
Golden Watch
Car Interior

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