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Why skill development? With DI it cost less by: reducing turnover, cultivating happy employees, attracting low-cost profitable repeat and referral customers

  • 3:4 sales people are ineffective selling and that’s because of conscious incompetence… independent research institute

  • 6% of sales teams actually accel at their job… B.A.N.K.

  • No shortage of teachers, trainers, programs, systems, books, websites, Youtube videos and yet sales people still flounder

  • Complacency= 1:5 closing ratio is acceptable…. In other words 4:5 potential hot buyers did not and likely will not… NADA

  • Employee turnover, especially front-line sales, is still high: 25% and metro markets as high as 72%...

  • Fallacy= sales is a numbers game, more one talks to the more sales, wrong!

  • Independent studies show top achievers out perform by 57:1… Cheri Tree

  • Selling is not an art it is science… Hippocrates-temperaments, proto-psychological theory, social-psychology, body-language, emotional intelligence and sales- psychosis are system based fundamental sales solutions

  • Personality assessments: DiSC, Colour Codes, MBTI, Management Drives, Ennegrams, 16PF, Strengths Finder Insights, Birkman Method, Kolbe Index are not effective sales person success indicators. These systems while scientific only tell the individual whom they are created for a unidirectional sales presentation. That is why the 1:5 closing ratio is acceptable. Without my Customer Influencer Method sales people don’t know how to sell to the other 4:5

  • 66% of customers are turned off by a sales person trying to sell them…

  • 75% of sales person’s presentations are wrong or presented to the wrong buyer… independent research institute

  • 1% of the population will retire comfortably, that’s with $5 million liquid assets… HB review

  • 95% of the population will die broke. Harvard Business

  • Sales scripts are 100% ineffective when used inappropriately, prematurely or incoherently

  • Mirror and matching= great advice 50-years ago, totally useless today

  • There is no second chance at a first impression

  • Buyers determine in less than 30-seconds if they like you… make a friend, make a sales still stands

  • Sales persons and managers lose 100% of the sales that are not asked for

  • Closing and sales rates double when the buyer understands the seller understands them

  • Actions speak louder than words. Following correct sales actions outperform unconscious incompetence 57:1….Word of Mouth Marketing Association

  • T.E.A.M: Together Everyone Achieves More, teamwork makes the dream work!

  • Telephone numbers use to be 4-digits (and the Model T was still in production), then they became 7-digits(before Black Friday) and now 10. The reason being, these combinations easiest to remember. My Customer-Influencer method of 4-buyer behaviours, define 24-combinations for the 8-step sales process to be facilitated with a buyer

  • 87% of sales people admit they are not prepared for a sales presentation

  • Internet sales report 760% greater effectiveness when segmented and personalized

  • 93% of customers will say “I’m just looking” For the right, trustworthy sales team

  • 47% of buyers do not like their salesperson, purchased because the price was great and got more then they needed= translation, low or no gross deal, poor customer experience score, no repeat business

  • 3% of salespeople sell to their friends and family because they don’t believe in themself

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